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Why Is Hillary Stunned?

A headline in today's Boston Globe reports that "Edwards, rights group, back Obama." The article by Scott Helman actually delivers two shockers to Hillary. The first is that John Edwards, who has real rapport with and real understanding of working class Americans, has endorsed Barack Obama.

The second, probably deeper shock is that the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has also chosen Obama over Clinton. I can imagine Hillary's whining: "After all, I've done for them." Here's what she really said: I am "disappointed because of the work I've done for so many years." Just as I said she said.

Of course, the NARAL folk are realists, and they have a cause to defend and project. But it's hard to imagine there are strong emotional ties between Hillary and, really, anyone. Except that Ellen R. Malcolm, founder of Emily's List, said it was a matter of respect. It was "tremendously disrespectful" to Clinton to "not giver the courtesy to finish the final three weeks of the primary process." But Emily's List is in the business of supporting women for public office, not men. Ergo...

And as for Hillary's conceit that she is the natural choice of working class Americans, here's another stunner. According to Foon Rhee, also in the Globe, a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday gave John McCain a seven point lead (48% to 41%) among whites without a college education over Hillary. McCain's lead over Obama in the category was also seven points: 46% to 39%.

But in a survey of all voters, Obama beats out McCain 48% to 37%, a lead of 11%. Clinton would also lead MCain, but by only five percent, 46% to 41%. Even aside from Hillary's character, which lead would be easier to protect.