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More Posts About Buildings And Food

Or, at least, food. Although studies show that meatless diets are far better for the environment, not even all committed environmentalists are vegetarians. So what will it take? Paul Roberts, the End of Oil guy, takes this up in an excerpt from his new book, The End of Food, in the current issue of Seed Magazine. And it's well-worth a read, whether you're a vegetarian, a full-on carnivore, or an on-the-fencer like me (some may call us "flexitarians"; I think there's got to be a less pretentious name than that).

Interesting tidbits include the fact that most vegetarian cultures came about for economic, not moral, reasons; a bit about a technology that has always enthralled me, in vitro meat (my mouth kind of waters when I think about beef cells multiplying); and a discussion of the possibility that meat could go the way of the cigarette, in terms of moral- and health-based restrictions.

--Britt Peterson