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What Happens In Lebanon Doesn't Stay In Lebanon

No one really cares about Lebanon. And nobody really knows about Lebanon. I've been there myself and sat at the feet of my friend Fouad Ajami. If you can't learn about Lebanon from him you can't learn it from anyone.


I posted about Lebanon the other day and about how the cease-fire in the summer of 2006 opened the way for the calamity now unfolding -- almost completely unfolded already -- in the country.


A more detailed and, frankly, sharper analysis than mine was published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week. It is by Bret Stephens, who is a master of prose even when he writes about tragedy, as the Lebanon horror certainly is.


To all you reflexive peace processors: there are things worse than cease fires, and those are cease fires in which one party has no intention of meeting its terms.  That's what occurred two years ago. I must say that I warned about this, and so did Bret. But not many others.