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What's Happening?

This is not for the spoiler-averse, but has an early review of M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming The Happening that makes it sound as though the director's journey from good to okay to bad to awful may not yet have reached its nadir. A nonspoilery sample:

"The Happening" is a terrible, terrible movie. I mean, it's bad on an epic scale. It's so bad that I can't possibly tell you how bad it is without understating the point or making it sound like I'm picking on the film. But let me stress: this is not pent-up Shyamalan aggression or a desire to see him fail. This is bad in a jaw-dropping "they can't really be serious, can they?" kind of way. The closest comparison I can draw is to Neil LaBute's "Wicker Man" and, like that film, the only consolation I can offer potential theater-goers is that you might want to see it just to be in on the ground floor when the film gets its ass handed back to it.

The whole, terrifying review is here. (Be sure not to miss the hidden spoiler graph that needs to be cursor-selected.)

(via Vulture)

--Christopher Orr