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Peering Into The Kristol Ball


We understand that writing a newspaper column is hard work. But, sweet jeebus, does Bill Kristol have to be this bad at it? Blandly written, intellectually lazy, and--worst of all--hopelessly predictable, his columns will stink up The New York Times' op-ed page for the foreseeable future. Instead of despairing, however, we figured we might as well have some fun with the old gasbag. So, on Fridays, we're going to try to guess what his Monday column will be about. This is our stab this week: 

Using Bush's Knesset speech as the peg, he'll consider the possibility that Barack Obama just might be a terrorist appeaser who totally hearts Iran and Hamas. (Bonus points if he references the Great Flag Pin Flip-Flop of 2008.)

What's your guess?