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Hillary: "this Is Nowhere Near Over"

She's sounding defiant again. I don't begrudge Hillary the right to stay in, particularly given her milder tone towards Obama of late. But I still don't understand the argument I heard again on the Sunday shows that she somehow owes it to her millions of passionate supporters to stay in. I'm a passionate supporter of the New York Knicks, but once it becomes clear they're going to get blown out, I understand if they bench their stars (not that they have any) to avoid injury. My passion isn't going to magically enable them to hit five-pointers in the fourth quarter, after all. Likewise, once it becomes clear they're not making the playoffs, I understand if they let a few late-season games slide in the name of better draft lottery odds. My passion for the team includes a recognition of what's in their long-term best interest.

P.S. Bloated payroll, New York arrogance, destructive infighting, epic disaster--the Knicks really aren't so different from the Clinton campaign...

--Michael Crowley