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Freedom's Just Another Word

There was a section in Lois Romano's WaPo piece about Hillary and sexism that caught my eye:

No one is quite sure when Clinton hit her stride, when she stopped caring about the polls, when she took her campaign to the people and gave voters a window into her soul.

She said she found her voice in New Hampshire, but then all we heard was Bill's. Some say it was when senior strategist Mark Penn was forced to leave the campaign; he did not put a premium on the personal side of politics. Or it could have simply been when she was losing and so had nothing to lose by being herself.

Well, the smart money says it wasn't when Penn left that campaign because, by all accounts, he didn't leave--nor was his influence greatly diminished. The guy hadn't even finished receiving his public spanking when he was back on the phone with the Clintons. I vote for the Bobby McGee explanation:


--Michelle Cottle