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The Windmills Of Her Mind

Washington Post:

[Clinton's] advisers say that a major reason she does not want to be pressured out of the race is that she believes it will be easier to bring her supporters over to Obama once the primaries are over if they think she was able to finish the nomination battle on her own terms.

Let me get this straight: Hillary Clinton gets her supporters riled up by declaring that she doesn't want to leave the race, and then her campaign uses those riled up supporters as an argument for her not to leave the race?

I understand Hillary Clinton not wanting to be pressured out of the race, and I understand her supporters feeling the same way. But the race is going to end in one of two ways: Either she will leave graciously and in a timely manner or she will be, to an increasing degree, "pressured" to leave. The problem is that most of the people who don't want her to be pressured, don't want her to drop out either, and by discouraging the latter they're helping to ensure the former.

--Christopher Orr