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Madonna And Mecca

It is well known that Madonna and many other people,
both serious and slightly frivolous, wear the thin red
string representative of the arcane texts of Kabbalism
and also the popular fashion for Jewish mysticism.

But who would have thought that the symbols of
Kabbalah would arrive in Saudi Arabia and be taken up
by its youth?  It is not only the red string, the
meaning of which can be fudged as a slightly
outlandish fashion statement, but the attached jewelry
with Hebrew lettering, that seems to be a revolt
against society, if even a mild one.

This is a mild enough insurrection of the mind for all
but the most rigid Wahabbi clerics, or could be,
After all, what's a red string around the wrist?  Not
much. It certainly isn't recognition of Israel.

Read about it here from the irreplaceable MEMRI.