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She Is Disgusting

Maybe Hillary Clinton doesn't remember. But there were three candidates in
the 1968 race for the Democratic nomination for president. One of them was
Hubert Humphrey, the then-serving vice president and the ultimate
designee. Another was Eugene McCarthy, who the week before the California
primary won the Oregon contest quite handsomely and was still a real
contender.  And, of course, there was Robert F. Kennedy, a charismatic
leader who was assassinated -- dare I remind you? -- by a Palestinian
nationalist, Sirhan Sirhan.  (Just look at any of the thousands of entries
on Google for Sirhan's own explanation for the killing. RFK was, to
tell the truth, the first victim of Palestinian terrorism.)

In any case, the candidate with the most delegates, even after Bobby
narrowly won the California race, was Humphrey, and the fact is that
McCarthy was still very much a contender. But given the murky realities of
the contest, the one and only reason for Hillary to allude Kennedy's death
was to raise the specter of Obama's death. Like reminding us that her
support came from hard-working white Americans. And his from shiftless and
lazy black Americans, no doubt.

My she is disgusting.