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Aipac And Obama

Here is a letter sent to the 7000+ participants* who will be attending AIPAC's annual policy conference next week in DC. According to one long-time attendee I spoke to, this is the first year she has received such a letter: 

Dear Policy Conference Participant,

This year's AIPAC Policy Conference is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet, and we're grateful that you will be part of it.

We have a record number of delegates participating and an incredible array of speakers and honored guests.
Included among those addressing us will be:
All four leaders of the House and Senate;
The three Presidential candidates;
And Israel's Prime Minister.... to name just a few.

Every single one of them is a strong friend of AIPAC and a dedicated proponent of the special relationship between the United States and Israel.

As a delegate to this year's conference, we think that you should understand exactly why we have invited America's leaders to join us.  AIPAC, America's pro-Israel Lobby, has the unique role of building friendships with everyone who is involved in affecting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship.  We fully embrace the bipartisan spirit that has formed the basis of that relationship for 60 years. 

The goal of the conference, as always, is to have every speaker, honored guest, Member of Congress, Senator, and administration official who joins us feel that we have done everything we can to extend our hand in friendship.  They must walk away from the conference knowing that we look forward to working together, with them, to make America and Israel stronger.  Each speech and appearance at the conference is an important opportunity for us to accomplish that critical goal.

We have always had the perspective that these speakers and guests have been invited into our home and we will treat them with the warmth, deference, respect, and appreciation that anyone would be accorded as such.
Therefore, how we conduct ourselves during the conference, individually and collectively, is a matter of great importance.  Because we know that you - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents  -- come to this conference with one overriding concern  - a stronger U.S. -Israel alliance - we ask that you act and react to every speech, address, and briefing, that will be offered as part of the conference program in only the most positive manner. 

Thank you in advance for your positive participation in this year's historic gathering.  We look forward to seeing you in Washington and appreciate your support in making this year's Policy Conference a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends.

I'm guessing this letter isn't referring to McCain.

--Zvika Krieger

*UPDATE: I just got a call from AIPAC--apparently there are over 7000 participants attending, not merely "6000+", as I originally reported.