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I Wouldn't Have Even *known* That Crook If He Hadn't Been Introduced To Me By Another Crook

TPM is all over the unfolding saga of Colorado Senate candidate (and former GOP Rep.) Bob Schaffer and his connections to multiple-fraud-convictee Bill Orr (no relation, thank goodness, though he has the same name as my dad). But this line stood out:

Part of Schaffer's explanation for this awkward confluence of events, as relayed by his campaign manager Dick Wadhams, is that he got involved with Orr on the recommendation of one of Schaffer's Colorado associates-cum-handlers Scott Shires. But that may not be a great association either since back in 2006 Shires copped a plea over his role in the scam and agreed to testify against Orr.

Read the whole thing here.

--Christopher Orr