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"the Fury You Have Unleashed"

That's pro-Hillary blogger Taylor Marsh's reaction (complete with nearly 1,000 comments) to yesterday's DNC rulings; count her as one who doesn't see four delegates as measly:

You have no idea what you've done. The fury you have unleashed. Your arrogance is topped only by your ignorance and the sheer stupidity of this "compromise," which sends a message that you just don't get it. Oh, and by the way, you've also likely just thrown the 2008 election.

Per my thoughts below, I really don't think it behooves Hillary supporters to be so combative at this point. You can respect their strong feelings and still call it counterproductive to Hillary's interests if the country at large sees her loyalists as embittered to the point of unhinged and perhaps even rooting against Obama. (At the same time, it's really foolish of Obamaphiles to publicly deride Hillary fanatics as "hicks.")

P.S. In other pungent-rhetoric news, calls Nancy Pelosi "the Katherine Harris of this election cycle."  

--Michael Crowley