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What Will She Do?

All sorts of contradictory smoke signals have been coming out of Clintonland in the past 24 to 48 hours. There have been credible indications that Hillary will drop out very soon--maybe later this week, maybe even tonight. Yet this morning's New York Daily News has her "seriously" considering a credentials committee fight. (Terry McAuliffe said on TV this morning he doesn't see that happening.) My sense is that Clinton is geniunely unsure about what to do, and that so few people really know her thinking we're hearing a lot of smoke and bluster--and maybe even efforts to sway her--from folks in her orbit but not really in the inner loop.

It is interesting, however, to see continued talk of a pause-and-pray-for-scandal option:

Another, according to senior Clinton advisers, is what they dubbed the "middle option," for Clinton to suspend her campaign, acknowledging that Obama has crossed the delegate threshold but keeping her options open until the convention in late August.

This would be difficult in the extreme to pull off. For the sake of party unity and her legacy Hillary is going to have to start publicly supporting Obama very soon. Doing that will be pretty awkward if she's merely "suspended" her campaign.  

--Michael Crowley