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Clinton At War

Ben Smith--who should get some kind of medal when this primary is finally over--produces a good piece on the Hillary camp's internal conflicts over how to handle the unfolding endgame. One note that rings true is the likely role of Bill, whose defiance and fury has been plain to see of late:

“You can’t overstate the extent to which he’s an advisor of war in there,” said a prominent supporter close to the campaign. “He’s just waiting for the comeback to happen, and he’s giving her advice through the lens of his own comebacks.”

In a more narrow sense, Ben also touches on something else I've wondered about--whether a recent wave of rumors might be making her cling on just a bit longer:

The Clintons and senior advisors have been left waiting for a political miracle: “What story about him will break, what video tape will come out, or what’s going to happen.”
The video tape was a reference to a rumor, reproduced online and on cable television, and much discussed within Clinton’s circle -- though without a shred of credible sourcing -- that Republicans have a damaging video of Obama’s wife, Michelle.

--Michael Crowley