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Meanwhile, In South Dakota ...

Over Plank-side, Jon Chait writes that "at minimum, I'd say that anybody on [Hillary's] staff who cares about their party has a moral obligation to publicly quit and endorse Obama." I pretty much agree, but it's worth noting that the country is in no hurry to quit Hillary. As we have become exponentially more disgusted with her behavior, she's done better and better than expected in actual contests, and she's now killing Obama 56-44 in South Dakota. In its "Handicapping the Homestretch" at the end of March, the Washington Post blithely presumed that South Dakota and Montana were "likely to give [Obama] a two-state sweep on June 3, the final day of the primaries." What happened? Is it the re-emergence of Noam's theory that while voters don't necessarily want to see Hillary to win, they don't want to see her lose, either?

P.S. Here's a story that gives the flavor of the Clintons' hard campaigning all over South Dakota, which probably went a long way towards her margin tonight -- they have more energy in defeat than I would have thought possible.

--Eve Fairbanks