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Time For Jilting Joe

Over at Politico, Ben Smith has this short post:

Joe Lieberman -- signaling he's willing to be used as an attack dog against the Democratic nominee -- is appearing on a McCain conference call at 11:00 to respond to Obama's speech at AIPAC.

It could also be an audition for a role as McCain's vice president.

Here's hoping every single person who reads Ben's tidbit emails a link and an outraged note to Harry Reid's office. Because assuming Dems can squeeze even one more bloddy seat out of the November elections, the Democratic leadership's first order of business should be to strip good ol' Joe of every perk he currently enjoys--from his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to his charge account in the Senate dining room. (OK, maybe the latter isn't an option. But it damn well should be.) It's one thing to act on principle; it's another to enthusiastically campaign against the party you caucus with. 

Voters may not be in a position to show Joe the door until 2012. But Reid and Co. have no obligation to treat him as anything other than the Republican wannabe he has become. 

 --Michelle Cottle