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Dap Politics

On the lighter side of my earlier post on race spokesmanship in American politics--the accompanying photo has exposed a seam in the almost-smooth transition to multi-ethnic, if not post-racial news coverage. Here, again, "the dap":


For the record, I thought it was incredibly cute, an intimate, yet tasteful (get a clue, Gore) expression of the Obamas excitement and mutual affection. Yet for those who have never watched professional sports, the "dap" apparently still requires translation. Chris Beam at Slate has a witty rundown of the various attempts at description in news outlets today.  

“Taking a fist-pound from wife Michelle, Obama stepped to the podium Tuesday”—MTV.com

“Michelle Obama (L) gives her husband, Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Barack Obama, a knuckle-bump as a sign of support before he speaks to supporters.”—Monsters and Critics

“At 09:09:27 Central Time, Michelle Obama gave Barack Obama a pound in St. Paul, Minnesota.”—Lola New York

“I never realized how romantic and respectful and mutually appreciative and loving a frat-tastic fist bump could be. Could it be the new peck-on-the-cheek?”—The Frisky

“... Obama, who was joined on stage by his wife Michelle, with whom he shared a celebratory fist-bump.”—Reuters

“Obama, began with a loving fist to fist thumbs up with Michelle.”—Capitol Hill Blue

"Loving fist to fist thumbs up?" Oh, we have a ways to go.

--Dayo Olopade