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Angry Bill, Cont'd

More for the file:


Another member of the inner circle described Bill Clinton as coming "unhinged" in the final hours, raising his voice in phone calls with superdelegates, constantly revisiting his wife's options for staying in the race. "He keeps asking me, 'What about so-and-so? What about so-and-so?' " the supporter recalled, saying the former president wanted constant updates on superdelegate moves.


Debbie Marquez, a superdelegate from Colorado, said she had made up her mind to shift to Mr. Obama, largely because he opposed the Iraq war from the start. The ex-president called and talked for 45 minutes, she said.

“When people talk about the finger wagging and lecturing in his speeches, I kind of felt that was going on over the phone,” Ms. Marquez said.

I would think one of his top priorities now is a major niceness/contrition offensive in which he explains his anger--best spun as a husband who loses perspective when it comes to his beloved wife--and shows he's come to grips with it. Cue the gauzy soul-bearing Barbara Walters interview!

--Michael Crowley