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Massachusetts, My Home

Whenever life in the nation's capital gets just a little too dull, I'll read the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald, my hometown newspapers. With the possible exception of Louisiana, there is no state in the country that has a more, how to put it--colorful--political culture. Take the big story this week, which involves a state senator recently arrested for groping random women in broad daylight:

Marzilli then made a lewd remark, the report said. The woman went to a nearby apartment complex and reported the crime to staff at the front desk. Two maintenance workers flagged down police, who caught up with Marzilli. Police said the senator told them that he was flirting with the woman and that his name was Martin Walsh of Medford.

Martin Walsh is also the name of a state representative from Dorchester. Yesterday, Walsh said he was disappointed that Marzilli had used his name. "Obviously, I don't want my name associated with that," Walsh said. ". . . He could have used any name. I don't know why he did that."

Both Messers Marzilli and Walsh are Democrats. Whatever happened to party loyalty? Couldn't Marzilli have used the name of a Republican?

P.S: As always, read the Herald's irascible Howie Carr for the full Boston flavor.

--James Kirchick