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That Gracious, Winning Clinton Speech

We'll obviously have more to say about the speech as the day goes on. But, for the moment, I thought one of the most interesting aspects was its lyricism--in stark contrast to her stump speech, and certainly to the speech she gave Tuesday night.

Perhaps even more interesting, the most lyrical aspect of the speech was Hillary's discussion of Obama, particularly her refrain: "We'll have to work hard for X, but we'll live in a stronger America when we achieve it, and that's why we have to elect Barack Obama president."

Granted, speeches tend to be more lyrical and thematic when a person is summing up and reflecting rather than charging ahead. But I read it almost as a homage to Obama. As if to say, "You're right, eloquent words do matter. And here are the most eloquent words I could summon on your behalf." (All of which she signposted by invoking Obama's signature, "Yes we can.") I thought it was a classy touch.

--Noam Scheiber