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Golf War

Last Thursday, Josh Marshall pointed out a peculiar aspect of John McCain's campaign web site: At the center of the home page, visitors were greeted by four tabs: "Decision Center," "General Election," "Obama & Iraq," and, yes, "Golf Gear." (Way to knock down those generational stereotypes, guys!)  Marshall's post included the disclaimer that this was the way the site appeared "as of 3:55 PM," on the reasonable assumption that once this embarrassing slip became widely public, the McCain folks would hurry to alter the home page.

And, as Marshall noted yesterday, they have. Gone now are the tabs for "General Election" and "Obama & Iraq," replaced by "Creating Jobs" and "Strategy." But that hardy "Golf Gear" tab is still there, advertising McCain's priorities for all to see: He may or may not be able to beat Obama in the fall, but he's damn well going to move some tote bags in the interim.

--Christopher Orr