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Would John Mccain Pick Mike Bloomberg?


The New York Post has a wonderfully Postian headline today, "MAC: MIKE STILL IN VEEPSTAKES" about the possibility of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, joining the GOP ticket. As usual, John McCain had effusive praise for his old friend:

"We don't talk about our vice-presidential possibilities," [McCain] said, but pointedly added, "I appreciate Mayor Bloomberg enormously and the great job he's done as mayor."

Bloomberg's been spoken about as a strong potential v.p. contender for both candidates--the only American with that unlikely distinction--and I assessed his chances in the latest issue of TNR.  The gist: Though he's been an excellent mayor, and would be in many ways an appealing addition to either campaign, it ain't gonna happen. And it shouldn't happen--because vice president is a uniquely ill-fitting position for Mayor Mike. You can read the piece, "Second To None," here, and find TNR's complete Veeptacular coverage here

 --Ben Wasserstein