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Yes, Iran Wants A Bomb

The fact is that almost no one believes that the National Intelligence Estimate of Iran's nuclear program.  As an editorial in today's New York Sun points out, North Korea also did not yet have a deliverable atomic weapon  Yet the world's powers--including China, though half-heartedly--moved and are still engaged in putting a stop to what everyone knows is on its way to be a catastrophic reality.

Nothing less is the case with Iran.  And, although the silly team of Stephen Walt and Mearsheimer has put its dubious credentials behind Ahmadinejad in saying that he is not really threatening Israel with genocide, almost no one takes the two seriously and others wish Dr. A'jad well in his ambitions.

Anyway, it is not only Israel which justifiably dreads the dreams of the mullahs, although the palpable threat to the Jewish state is both plausible and concrete enough to put the powers on military alert.  I, for one and there are many others, do not have any faith that there will be a diplomatic solution to the danger from Iran. 

I also have little confidence that economic sanctions will do very much at all to stop the nuclear march the ayatollahs' regime.  First of all, the pabulum that comes out of the Security Council is just that, watered down and compromised enough to be without force or even threat.  Then, frankly, the Iranians will sacrifice much to get a bomb.  Like the North Korean communist regime that brought its population over the edge of destitution in order to be a nuclear power.