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A Metaphor Too Far, Ctd.

So, it turns out that Karl Rove's attempt to frame Barack Obama as a Lord of the Country Club yesterday was not an isolated barb. As far back as April, Rove was telling the Times of London:

You have probably seen this kind of guy at London parties, trailing ash from a fashionable cigarette into the carpet and making snide remarks about someone "being an abominable bore."

The good news, I suppose, is that since April Obama has evidently stopped dumping his ashes on the carpet and has acquired both a martini and a beautiful date. The bad news is that Rove clearly believes this tortured metaphor to be an evergreen suitable for extension to any elite-sounding gathering. Where will Obama be "the kind of guy you see" next? At a debutante ball? At Davos? Drinking $1000 Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby? Readers are invited to speculate in comments.

--Christopher Orr