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The Devil Wears Shin Guards

I was just casually combing through the hockey blogs today, like I do every morning, when I noticed this gem about former New York Ranger Sean Avery. OK, I don't actually read hockey blogs, but I do have an abiding paranoia about the state of journalism. So, it was not without a touch of horror that I read about Avery's new role as intern at fashion bible Vogue. Luckily the new job has provided the quote of the day:

Fans see my on-ice character, my persona. Pushing it as far as it can go. Play it to the max, crazy. Sometimes over the line. Off the ice, what do I do? ... I'm in love with clothes. 

It's like that moment in Dazed and Confused when Adam Goldberg's character confesses that he doesn't want to go to law school: "I wanna dance!" 

Of course, after penning an essay in Men's Vogue, Avery chuckles, "Not bad for someone who didn't graduate high school." Ha ha ha, yeah not bad. Not bad that I have a master's degree but you're a jock so, ha ha ha, you get choice jobs at glossy mags.

I say, let's choose NOT to be fascinated by a straight, hockey playing fashionista! Unless he starts his own chick-lit empire. Then we can be fascinated again.

 --Sacha Zimmerman