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Three Massachusetts Congressmen Announce A Stupid Idea

So what is their solution for the Iraq problem? It's obvious. Send the United Nations. According to today's Boston Globe, the proposal is for U.S. authorities to immediately start negotiations with the UN to govern the "internationalization of responsibility for aid and support to Iraq." Yes, and the UN, easily securing the cooperation of China and Russia, would rush right in. With troops? This is, of course, a fantasy, like the fantasy that the UN will stop the bloodshed in Darfur.

There are other ideas that support the structure of this one really grand idea. There should be normalization of relations with Syria and rapprochement with Iran.  When were Iraq and Iran ever good neighbors? Or, for that matter, good relations between Syria and Iraq?

Our three solons also call for "vigorous diplomatic steps" to stop the flow of arms into Iraq. At least they know that it is vigorous, rather than lethargic, diplomacy that is required for this job.

McGovern did acknowledge that "persuading the UN to replace American combat troops 'is going to take some serious diplomacy'."

The imagination of these gentlemen is dazzling.  I am sure that they also want the UN to end the bloodshed in Darfur.