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Bobby Jindal Watch

On the heels of his recall petition, this from the Times-Picayune:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's legislative director has resigned after serving fewer than six months with the new administration, which is embroiled in a controversy over the Legislature's large pay raise. ... Williams' resignation comes at a moment of intensely strained relations between Jindal and the Legislature, which adjourned last week from its third lawmaking session this year. Although Jindal won virtually every initiative he wanted during those sessions, he did not prevent lawmakers from giving themselves a pay raise that more than doubles their base salary for serving in the Legislature.

Jindal fascinates me: really young, unusual background, incredibly conservative, fancy resume, renownedly gutsy, delivered his kid with his own bare hands. And I have sympathy for him in this situation: I hate recall petitions and I think the vast majority of elected representatives ought to be paid more. I've thought Jindal could be a politically brilliant pick for McCain's running mate. But any event -- like this one -- that makes it look like he's not in strong control as governor is really bad for his chances of being selected, worse even than, say, the exorcism stuff. If McCain picks somebody young, he has got to be absolutely bulletproof against the accusation that he's as naive as his years might suggest.

Update: Jindal reversed himself and vetoed that pay raise today:

"I thank the people for their voice and their attention," Jindal said of the public outcry against the raise. "I am going to need your help to move this state forward. ... The voters have demanded change. . . . I made a mistake by staying out if it" originally.

--Eve Fairbanks