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Bob Novak--not Making Sense

From today's otherwise mildly useful column on Obama and the DC gun-ban decision:

What may be Obama's authentic position on gun rights was revealed in early April when he told a closed-door Silicon Valley fundraiser that "bitter" small-town residents "cling" to the Bible and Second Amendment. That ran against his public assertion as a former constitutional law professor that the Constitution guarantees rights for individual gun owners, not just group rights for state militias. But his legal opinion forced Obama into a political corner.

Am I the only one who didn't realize Obama was weighing in on the constitutional right to own a gun when making his "cling" comments? If I say people "cling" to the first amendment when they feel like the Bush administration is destroying the country, am I saying I don't think the first amendment guarantees the right to free speech?

--Noam Scheiber