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Vapid, Jingoistic Obama-hater Of The Day

Jennifer Rubin has a piece in the Jerusalem Post this week in which she claims to be speaking for a significant number of Jews who will not be voting for Obama this November. She explains their rationale as such:

In every significant interaction in Obama's adult life with those who distain and vilify Israel - from Rashid Khalidi to Reverend Jeremiah Wright to Louis Farrakhan - Obama has demonstrated passive resignation and indifference.


Is there anything in all this to suggest that in a potential crisis, when much of the world would be pressuring him to let Israel die, Obama would push all the naysayers aside and demand to "send them everything that can fly"? There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that he would be beyond persuasion when it came down to Israel's survival. In fact, all the available evidence indicates that the opposite is true.

Where's the evidence? No talk of his foreign policy proposals that will actually make Israel safer, or anything substantive for that matter. (Even his recent AIPAC speech, which Israelis are saying puts him to the right of Likud, is not enough for Rubin and her supposed hoards of Obama-skeptics.) All she offers are spurious analogies about Nixon in '73, a misrepresentation of Obama's position on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, and the usual misleading guilt-by-association memes. Hope you enjoyed the smear!

--Zvika Krieger