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A Stadium Speech? Cool! But What If... rains?

I agree that having Obama speak at Invesco Field, before some 75,000 screaming partisans, should make for an impressive show of enthusiasm. But it does raise one potential complication. Will the weather cooperate? 

Two years ago, when the Democrats were still deciding on a city for the convention, "Colorado Luis" posted this information at DailyKos:

The 2008 Democratic National Convention will begin August 25, 2008, two years from today, and end August 28, 2008.  My home town of Denver is one of the three finalists, along with Minneapolis-St. Paul and New York City.  I just thought I'd pass along some information about the type of weather you can expect in Denver this time of year.

Today, August 25 -- Current conditions 72 degrees, mostly cloudy, humidity 58% (we call that "muggy").  Low tonight 57.

Forecast for August 26:  High 74, low 59, afternoon thundershowers, chance of rain 40%.

Forecast for August 27:  High 70, low 56, scattered thundershowers, 40% chance of rain.

Forecast for August 28:  High 75, low 57, mostly sunny, chance of rain 20%.

That doesn't sound too bad. (And, historically, Denver doesn't get too much rain in late August.)  On the other hand, "afternoon thundershowers" could cause a few problems if they linger.

I'm sure somebody at Obama HQ has thought this through. Maybe they can put umbrellas in the packages of swag that conventioneers and media get. (Attention corporate sponsors!)

--Jonathan Cohn