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Will Smith $100 Million, Critics 0

Despite generally poor reviews (including this one from me), Will Smith's Hancock made a killing at the box office over the holiday, with $107 million domestically and $185 million worldwide. Moviegoers who are still torn over whether to see it and would like to know more about the big Charlize-Theron-related twist that no one is giving away can join Vulture in guessing what it might be, or read a spoiler-ridden (and characteristically profane) early review from Ain't It Cool News. (I'm happy to report that the confusing flashbacks of Smith running through the woods with a child in his arms were cut from the final release, as was the more-than-a-little-gross-sounding "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" carnal encounter described.) Alternatively, you can take no chances and opt for the universally (and properly) acclaimed WALL-E instead.

--Christopher Orr