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This Just In: Six Years Of Torture Take Toll On Marriage

Ingrid Betancourt's release from FARC rebels on July 2 marked the end of a six-year nightmare. In addition to the constant feeling of bugs crawling all over her body, the mental torture of being screamed at incessantly, and the near starvation she faced every day, there are still some horrors she can't yet discuss. According to, in an interview with Larry King, "Betancourt also would not detail the punishment she endured after a failed escape attempt. 'Oh, that was horrible,' she said before telling King that she was 'not ready for that.'" Nor would she talk about the circumstances of a child born to another hostage in captivity. What Betancourt is doing is shining more of a global light than we've seen in many years on a intolerably sadistic rebel group. Which is why it is galling to see the following headline accompanying a CNN story about Betancourt: "Betancourt's Husband Admits Icy Reunion." Apparently, she wasn't as warm to husband Juan Carlos Lecompte as, well, as what? As a survivor of six years of torture should be? It seems that before leaving for France without him--no!--she "greeted him coldly." Well, I guess he is the real victim here after all. Thanks CNN, for bringing us all angles of the story.

 --Sacha Zimmerman