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Packer Cut!

This is just slightly off-topic, but it's the news story that threw me for the biggest loop this a.m.: CBS is getting rid of Billy Packer. I actually sort of like Packer--I even wrote a defense of him once that's now of course lost somewhere in our archives*--but even the legions of Packer haters can't be pleased to hear that his replacement is going to be Mr. Spurtability himself, Clark Kellogg. First there's no Brandon Jennings in next year's March Madness, now no Packer? 

P.S. After jettisoning Packer, why didn't CBS try to lure Jay Bilas away from ESPN and keep Kellogg in the studio? That would have been a much better move.

*--Crack online archaeologist Barron Youngsmith has excavated that old Packer piece if anyone's interested.

--Jason Zengerle