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Obama's Realpolitik, Cont'd

Obama does in fact support the dubious India nuclear deal, which is disdained by the anti-proliferation crowd. An arms control wonk helpfully passes this along:

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he would not seek changes in a controversial nuclear deal with India and hoped it would be finalised by year-end, a magazine reported Saturday.

"The existing agreement effectively balanced a range of important issues -- from our strategic relationship with India to our non-proliferation concerns to India's energy needs," Obama was quoted as saying by the weekly Outlook news magazine.

"I am therefore reluctant to seek changes," he said in the interview.

I realize it's not a black-and-white issue, but Obama does talk a lot about nonproliferation regimes and I haven't seen much explanation from him about why he makes an exception here.

Update: See TNR's editorial against the India deal from last fall.

--Michael Crowley