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Speaking Of Offensive Cartoons...

This week's Weekly Standard Parody page features a "Heterosexual Brain" and a "Gay Brain"--only available to subscribers of course. The hetero brain comprises things like a cerebral cortex and a cerebellum, while the gay brain comprises things like: Memory Cortex: Broadway lyrics, Lana Turner's husbands, Stonewall, Alice B. Toklas Cookbook; Fabulobe; and Brain Boitano. What, no Barbra?  While The Weekly Standard has a history of running homophobic illustrations (the cover above is too small to see on the screen, but it features everything from a leather-clad gay man to, I kid you not, a monkey getting married in the Standard's ode to gay-marriage-paranoia piece), what really concerns me about the brain "parody" is how steeped in cliche it is. What's next? A black brain with a hip-hop-a-thalmus? A female brain with a Lifetime lobe? But not only is it trite; it's tired. I mean, how old is the dude who wrote this? Lana Turner? Stonewall? Alice B. Toklas?

--Sacha Zimmerman