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Hillary's Debtventure Continues!

A few weeks ago, TNR mapped out several ways Hillary Clinton could haul herself out of her $22.5 million campaign debt, and it looks as if she's been following along. Last month, she set the first debt retirement plan we outlined for her into action: sending letters to her donors requesting permission to roll their '08 general election donations to her '12 senatorial campaign. If enough of them comply by the August 28 Democratic convention, after which Clinton will refund their contributions, this could free her up to solicit new donations from supporters who have already maxed out the $2300 contribution limit for her presidential campaign.

Obama's also been pitching in, tracing another of our suggested debt retirement paths. At their first publicized meeting after Clinton's withdrawal from the race, Obama announced a personal contribution of $2300 to retire Clinton's debt (Michelle gave $2300 of her own), and since then he's caused some grumbling by integrating Clinton fundraising into his own team's efforts. Each of Obama's top fundraisers is now expected to collect, along with DNC and general election contributions, at least five checks to Clinton.

That's not to say that Clinton hasn't faced a few blush-inducing bumps along the way. As widely reported last week, Obama forgot to solicit donations for Clinton in his speech at a New York fundraising party and had to slink back onstage, stop the music, and awkwardly play the unity card.

Since Clinton has vowed to repay vendors in Iowa, et. al. before herself, it looks as if she'll be swallowing the $12 million she funneled into her progressively flailing campaign--after the convention, FEC regulations will allow her to collect only $250,000 of her own loans.

--Nicole Allan