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Obama Hits The Gym

First Read is suspicious about Obama's three-hour gym day.

Anyone else think Obama is holding some secret VP meetings? With Obama on his way out of Chicago and some Obama beat reporters not going overseas, maybe we ought to find out if Caroline Kennedy, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, or Evan Bayh happens to like going to Chicago gyms... If Obama plans to name his running mate before the Olympics, he's probably got to be close to a decision, because he'd have to name the running mate in the week he returns from his overseas trip. Time's running out for Team Obama if they want a big pre-Olympics VP rollout. So maybe he's a lot closer than we all realize, and maybe these gym stops are well, you know. Then again, perhaps he just loves shootin' hoops.

Or: Maybe he's trying to bulk up! Seriously, physicality is an important psychological factor, and Obama's kind of a string bean. (Skinniest since Lincoln? Skinniest in the nuclear age, at least--right?) If he's trying to project "strength" to people wondering if he can be commander in chief, a little more of the literal thing wouldn't hurt.

--Michael Crowley