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Does Drudge Have A Crush On . . . Mccain?

Is Drudge's much-ballyhooed crush on Obama coming to an end? Probably not, but it is interesting that the Drudge Report is the outlet "breaking" the news that the NYT op-ed page turned down a McCain submission responding to Obama's Iraq op-ed from last week. Drudge even goes so far as to print the entire McCain piece "in its submitted form."

My guess is this story about alleged liberal bias at the NYT is too much for even an Obamophile/McCainophobe like Drudge to resist. Which is why the McCain campaign presumably gave it to him. The real question, though, is: could this be the start of a McCain-Drudge rapprochement?

Update: Of course, the Drudge link Unlike McCain, many seniors depend on Internet... suggests things haven't changed that much.

--Jason Zengerle