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Obama Will Betray The Anti-war Left

Obama may not (as yet) have won the American elections. But just about all over the world the verdict is his in the court of public opinion. Since Americans are not particularly xenophobic this may well be an asset for the Democratic candidate, and it could be a lasting asset if he doesn't come to think of the Europeans, the Asians and the rest as a constituency.

In yesterday's (London) Independent, John Rentoul presented an image of British politicians across the board climbing on Obama's bandwagon, climbing rather desperately, in fact.

Surprising for the Independent, Rentoul really seems to hope that Obama will come around clearly to McCain's position on Iraq. I think that's where he is heading.

But what would happen to Obama's earliest enthusiasts? Rentoul quotes Susan Sarandon in that hoary old threat, that if McCain won she'd move to Canada or Italy. There! This is one reason to hope that McCain wins. But what would this hysteric do if Obama is elected and keeps our troops in Iraq?