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The Imagery Gap

I just plowed through a bunch of political news on the Tivo and, substance aside, I can hardly believe how badly John McCain is getting routed in the television-imagery game. As Obama saunters through the Middle East, looking cool and relaxed, McCain has been holding events where he looks stiff, uncomfortable, and, in his bracing claim today that Obama would lose a war to win an election, sounding bitter to the point of nasty. (McCain flashed another bizarre forced smile after his scathing shot at Obama tonight, but it didn't prevent him from coming across as whiny and petulant.) You can see the contrast in this video.

For good measure, today's New Hampshire Union-Leader noted that McCain "limped" off his plane when he landed the state last night.

I don't know what team McCain can do about this. Resurrect Michael Deaver, maybe?

--Michael Crowley