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Your Daily Dose Of Mccain Resentment

From the NYT:

Late last night, the McCain campaign kept it up when aides handed out luggage tags to the traveling press that read “McCain Press Corps: JV Squad, ‘Left Behind to Report in America.’ ” The words were translated into French on the opposite side.

But what does that make reporters like me, whose bosses didn't see fit to send them to cover Obama or McCain this week? Are we now on the freshman team?

P.S. Also from the NYT, this won't make McCain feel any better:

All three cable news networks carried Mr. Obama’s news conference live and in full. They showed only parts of Mr. McCain’s forum and focused mostly on his reaction to Mr. Obama’s statements. Even Fox News broke away from Mr. McCain midevent to cover the rescue of a bear cub wounded in a California fire and nicknamed Lil’ Smokey.

--Jason Zengerle