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Mccain Vp Announcement Tomorrow? Plus Bonus Pawlenty Whiff...

Take this for what it's worth--and it may not be much--but a source well-connected in Minnesota politics (and in a position to know) is pretty sure Tim Pawlenty has pulled out of one or two events scheduled there for tomorrow. Assuming that's right, I guess it could mean any number of things: 1.) There was some random, non-veepstakes-related conflict that forced the change of schedule. 2.) McCain or his vetters intend to meet with Pawlenty tomorrow, possibly somewhere outside Minnesota. 3.) McCain intends to announce his veep pick tomorrow and has asked several short-listers to clear their schedules. 4.) McCain intends to announce Pawlenty as his running mate tomorrow.

I e-mailed a Pawlenty spokesperson about this last night and haven't received a response.

I'd put 4.) as least likely, but it would obviously be consistent with the schedule change. Also, Marc Ambinder passed along some speculation Friday night that McCain would be announcing his veep pick tomorrow, so keep that in mind.

--Noam Scheiber