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Mccain Bumper Stickers: "embarrassed To Be On A Bumper"

This weekend, the vague Republican malaise floating out there focused into something specific: bumper sticker angst. In today's New York Times, Bill Kristol laments:

[A]s I drove around the Washington suburbs, I saw not one but two cars - rather nice cars, as it happens - festooned with the Obama campaign bumper sticker "got hope?" And I relapsed into moroseness.

Meanwhile, yesterday at "The Corner," Kathryn Lopez reprinted some anguished e-mails she'd recently received:

I was wondering, has anyone seen a McCain Bumper Sticker on any cars or trucks yet? Honestly, I still have not even seen one!


The reason your emailer hasn't been seeing McCain bumper stickers is because ... their design is depressing and uninspired ... If a bumper sticker were capable of being self-conscious, glum, and embarrassed to be on a bumper, I'm pretty sure it would look something like the McCain bumper stickers.

--Eve Fairbanks