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Comment Of The Day: Is Mccain Ready For A Fall?

In the comments to a Chris Orr post that speculated on the identity of a miffed Republican strategist, williamyard bet the house that Obama will gain in the polls once the topic of debate returns to domestic issues:

Obama just spent a few days in the lions' den (foreign policy) and emerged essentially unscathed.

Whatever weakness Barack Generals-And-Policy-Wonks-Flocking-To-His-Campaign Obama may have vis-a-vis John Sunnis-Shia-Who-Can-Tell-'Em-Apart-Anyway McCain on Iraq--and it ain't much, if any--will be long forgotten once Obama returns to domestic issues where McCain, um, underwhelms. How many Americans who are motivated primarily by domestic issues and who are not outright bigots have gravitated to McCain in the last six months? Let's see...there's Dave, in Cincinnati, still coming back from that nasty kicked-in-the-head-by-a-mule accident...there's Annie, in Walla Walla, who secretly donated a quarter of the kids' college fund to Hillary and just can't bring herself to vote for what's-his-name...and then there', I wrote it down here somewhere...

And now the media are starting to look like they've been beating up on Barack and giving Johnnie a free pass. Bad timing for Johnnie.

All else being equal, Obama will be in double digits in the daily trackers by the end of the first week of August; you can bet your house on it.

Well, okay, your house isn't worth anything. But you get my meaning.