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Ted Stevens Indicted Today

On corruption charges. More updates as they become available.

This might be good news for his very-late-out-of-the-gate challenger in the Republican primary, Vic Vickers, whose website -- which just recently went live -- is practically indistinguishable from a DCCC anti-Stevens, anti-corruption screed. Vickers seems a little, er, eccentric: The site features a "review" of him as a "social reformer of the first order, an anachronism, a man of reason in an age of insanity." On the other hand, he's pumping some serious cash into his run. From Roll Call's story on him yesterday:

Attorney Vic Vickers said Monday that he has placed a $410,000 statewide network ad buy blasting Stevens that will start Wednesday and run through the Aug. 26 primary.

“I bought everything that was available,” Vickers said in a phone interview.

The first of five advertisements, according to Vickers, shows him standing in front of Stevens’ Girdwood home, which was raided by the FBI last year.

“I am Vic Vickers and I am running against Ted Stevens to stop corruption,” he says in the spot. “The FBI and the IRS raided his home as part of a criminal investigation.”

Update: Here are the details: Seven counts of making false statements on his disclosure forms to hide "more than $250,000 in gifts."

--Eve Fairbanks