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No--not that Edwards. In the last week more than one friend or colleague has brought up Texas Rep. Chet Edwards as a dark-horse Obama veep pick. It's unlikely -- he's quite unknown -- but Nancy Pelosi has touted him, and the enthusiastic Dallas Morning News gives the rationale for him: humble roots, dependable, the right age (he's a bit older than Obama but has two young sons, picture-perfectly matched to Sasha and Malia!), good on health care, and:

He's a moderate, Southern, Democrat who survived a dirty redistricting effort by the GOP to win re-election, thanks in large part to his strong support of the military. The symbolism is great: He's Bush's congressman.

I'd add: experienced (17 years in Congress), a major veterans' advocate (he won this year's national award from both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars), has taken some "straight talk"-esque dangerous stances of his own (ardently defends the separation of church and state against Bush's "faith-based" intiatives, got a 100% NARAL rating in 2007 representing a red district), and if Pelosi loves him, well, he can't be that squishily moderate at heart! 

Downsides: Biggest earmarker in the entire Texas House delegation, full-throatedly voted for the war, not good on energy, and how confusing would those "Obama-Edwards" yard signs be?

--Eve Fairbanks