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Video: Realist Vs. Neocon

Today on TNR TV, a debate between TNR's very own realist, executive editor J. Peter Scoblic, and self-identified neocon Eli Lake of the New York Sun. A few highlights:

Lake and Scoblic debate whether Ronald Reagan's courage and "moral clarity" brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Scoblic explains how the war in Iraq--as well as the Bush administration's refusal to negotiate with Iran and North Korea--flow directly from the Reaganite view of the Cold War. He says Iraq was the "most invadable" of the Axis of Evil: an opportunity for conservatives to satisfy their moral demands.

Lake and Scoblic disagree on national security priorities. Scoblic says we shouldn't have invaded the least threatening member of the Axis of Evil and ignored Iran and North Korea. (And Lake smokes a cigarette.)

--Eric Zimmermann