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Comment Of The Day: It Didn't Have To Be This Way

In response to Chris Orr's post on McCain's newest web gimmick (which he might finally be able to see for himself), commenter boneill wondered when McCain became so snarky. In turn, blackton expressed disappointment in McCain's behavior on the trail:

boneill, I agree. Just a few months ago I was thinking this might be a win win type election, but McCain has seriously gone off the rails. Is he running for President of Iraq or the US? At this point I am not sure since Iraq is all he talks about. I really thought he would run as the candidate who seriously considered being Kerry's running mate; a moderate Republican who would reach out. I guess someone convinced him his best shot was to run a Rove type campaign. If he somehow does win as the last white man standing after running a relentless negative campaign, the sense of disappointment in the US and worldwide that will greet him in the face of truly miserable economic times guarantees a failed Presidency.