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He Promises More

All of L'haut Liban was there to welcome Samir Kuntar, the Lebanese terrorist who 29 years ago murdered three Israelis (including a little girl by smashing her head against a rock), back to Beirut. Not only Nasrallah but the Christian president, the Sunni prime minister and the Druze speaker of parliament. The flatulent March 14 movement was also represented and just about everyone else.  After all, the new power arrangement which turned rule over to Hezbollah had been sanctified in Qatar by all the men who had competed for power.

This was Nasrallah's victory and Israel's defeat.

Sami Kuntar has been proclaiming the ongoing Palestinian revolution ever since his release. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, he hearkened back to the glory days of the assassination and promised more.  

There was also a sweet post-script in which he alludes to Condi Rice as a dog.